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Why Epoxy Coatings Are Best Left to Pros

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

At Summit Coatings, we’re your go-to pros when it comes to epoxy coatings for all concrete or wood surfaces. A highly durable and useful product, epoxy will look fantastic and seal your surfaces against chemicals, dents, stains and any other kind of damage.

Why should you look to pros like ours for these services instead of trying to apply them yourself? Well, there are a few reasons. Unfortunately, we’ve seen a number of major mistakes from inexperienced homeowners looking to take on these kinds of jobs on their own – here are some of these and why you’re generally best leaving them to us unless you have specialized training like our pros.

epoxy coatings best pros

Improper Material Choice

Like many other products, epoxy resin comes in several different formats. Different kinds are curated for different space types, design formats or practical uses. The coating you use for your basement floor might be totally different from the one you use for your garage floor, depending on several factors (including far more than just which material the floor is made out of). It takes significant research or experience to understand the resin, product and materials that are best for a given space. Our pros have this experience; most homeowners do not.

Inaccurate Measuring

Another area where you likely lack the expertise is within the measuring realm. Things like resin and hardener have to be measured properly, otherwise epoxy will not cure correctly and could appear uneven.

Great care has to be taken for pouring on specific lines, plus finding the proper ratio of epoxy and hardener to make sure your surfaces are the right consistency. In addition, epoxy has to be kept in the right temperature range during mixing and measuring.

Mixing and Curing Issues

Beginners might make a number of mistakes when it comes to mixing and cutting epoxy once ingredients are measured. They’ll often use glass or foam containers, which can lead to a hazardous buildup of exothermic heat. They also commonly stir the ingredients for too short a period or don’t reach the sides and bottoms of the container during mixing, which will waste material and cause your job to come up short. Mixing too fast or too slowly will lead to air bubbles in the mixture that disrupt the final product.

Sealing Problems

Do you know exactly how to seal surfaces before applying epoxy? Our pros do. You have to apply a sheer coat of epoxy before the entire flood coating – this will seal and prevent air from coming out of the flood coating. You also have to wait at least six hours between these applications, something amateurs often forget.

For more on why epoxy coating jobs are best left to the pros, or for information on any of our epoxy coatings or deck waterproofing services, speak to the staff at Summit Coatings today.

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