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Reasons Not to Overlook Stairs When Waterproofing

Updated: May 17, 2019

When considering professional waterproofing services, we tend to consider a few major areas first and foremost. Locations like decks, patios, garage floors or several other industrial flooring surfaces can all see major benefits from high-quality waterproofing, helping improve everything from basic home comfort and quality to the efficiency of a large-scale industrial project.

At Summit Coatings, we’re proud to offer high-quality floor, patio and deck waterproofing services to a variety of clients. We’re also here to tell you, though, that our waterproofing services are not limited to just these areas – we’ll assist with waterproofing in several related locations, including one that’s often glossed over by home and business owners to their own disadvantage: Stairs. As major foot traffic areas, stairs can benefit greatly from waterproofing for several reasons. Here are a few of the best ones.

not overlook stairs waterproofing

Safety From Hazards

The primary benefit of waterproofing stairs for any building, residential or commercial, is bolstering the safety of that area. As we noted above, stairs are high-traffic areas that are commonly used by multiple people, and if they present safety hazards, these hazards will be on display regularly throughout a given day.

Over time, stairs that aren’t maintained properly will be exposed to the elements unprotected. This leads to potential cracking and splitting of wood, and all of a sudden you have significant trip hazards in one of the most common walking areas of your property. If you’re the property owner and someone else trips on these and injures themselves, you could be liable for the damages. Stairs will also pose a higher risk for skidding and slipping if they haven’t been waterproofed.

Style and Aesthetics

A secondary benefit of waterproofing is the way it improves the visual appeal of your home and well-viewed areas. This theme extends to any area of waterproofing, such as the deck or patio – these areas simply look better and feel more comfortable when they’ve been professionally waterproofed. You can choose from several different colors or blend formats to make sure the stairs match the rest of your home, plus additional textures to complement things here.

Curb Appeal and Home Value

Down related lines, waterproofing can have a larger impact than you might think on what real estate experts would call “curb appeal.” This term refers to the exterior visual factors in your home, the ones that make a first impression on people – including potential future buyers – as they see it initially. Curb appeal tends to have an oversized impact on home values, so it’s never a bad thing to bolster yours.

For more on the major reasons why you should never forget about stairs when considering professional waterproofing services, or to learn about any of our epoxy coatings, acid staining or other services offered, speak to the staff at Summit Coatings today.

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