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General Thickness Ranges for Epoxy Floor Coatings

There are a wide range of home or building types that may benefit from epoxy floor coatings, and these varying locations often have very different needs when it comes to said coatings. This translates in a few ways, one of which is a variety of thicknesses available on the epoxy floor coating market.

At Summit Coatings, our epoxy floor coating contractors are happy to sit down with you and assess your space and coating needs to determine the ideal epoxy coating thickness to use on your surface. A coating in a relatively low-usage area, for instance, generally requires a thinner material, while those in heavy foot-traffic and industrial areas may require thicker options. Here’s a quick primer on the three broad thickness ranges generally available, plus which is right for the kind of surface you’re looking to protect.

thickness ranges epoxy floor coatings

Thin Coating

For lower-traffic areas, as we noted, thin epoxy floor covering is generally enough material to cover your needs. These kinds of coatings generally come with a standard primer layer underneath, then a basic topcoat above to cover it.

In many cases, hallways, storage areas or break rooms are designed with thin epoxy coated floors. Others may choose it for their garage floor refinishing project, especially if this is for a conversion into a living space rather than for the housing of vehicles. Thin epoxy coatings look great, adding shine and smoothness to the area, which often make them great choices for businesses where clients will be present.

Thick Coating

A thick epoxy coating, on the other hand, comes with the same primer and topcoat materials if desired, but also with a high build section that adds significant thickness to the entire coating. These types generally run around 10 to 20 mils thick, compared to 4 to 6 mils for thinner coating jobs.

Thick epoxy coatings are generally used for higher-traffic areas, those that will need to hold up to relatively significant wear-and-tear. They tend to come with multiple coats, though the topcoat, as we noted, is optional for these coatings. Like thin coatings, these thicker options are extremely aesthetically attractive. They are also highly durable.

Super Thick Coating

For industrial and commercial situations, there’s also super thick epoxy coating, which can run all the way up to 125 mils in some cases. This type is generally only used in buildings where heavy machinery and vehicle traffic are common, and/or where chemical spills may take place that require optimal floor protection. Most super thick epoxy coatings involve a slurry epoxy in a three-component mix, which builds up an ultra-resistant base coat and then is covered by a topcoat for protection and aesthetics.

For more on the thickness types available for epoxy floor coatings, or to learn about any of our coatings, deck waterproofing or other sealing services, speak to the staff at Summit Coatings today.

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