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Basics and Benefits of Acid Staining Concrete

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

While our specialty and most common service at Summit Coatings is epoxy coatings for garages and other commercial and residential floors, we’re also here to provide several other related services. One of these is acid staining, a process that can imbue concrete with a wide variety of color schemes and will permanently change both the appearance of the flooring and several of its practical properties.

It’s important to note that, though they may sound similar, acid staining is completely different from painting concrete. Painting only puts down thin layers on concrete, almost all of which remain on top of the surface and do little to impact the actual qualities of the concrete. Let’s take a look at how acid staining differs from painting, some of the numerous benefits it can bring, and the common areas where it’s used.

basics benefits acid staining concrete

How Acid Staining Works

Acid staining can be done in both residential and commercial settings, and is a more involved process than painting. It involves a chemical reaction between the acid stain and the cement that’s used as part of the mixture to create concrete.

Let’s back up a little here: When concrete is made, it combines binding cement with an aggregate, which is generally tightly packed rocks. But acid stain has chemical properties that cause it to only react with the cement itself, not the aggregate – the aggregate remains unstained, providing a unique look and several important physical properties we’ll go over in our next section.

Primary Benefits of Acid Staining

There are several distinct positives acid stained floors bring with them, including all of the following:

  • Durability: Acid stained concrete is extremely durable across several different potential elements. It is completely inflammable, with ultraviolet light-resistant finishes as well. They will not chip, fade, peel or otherwise discolor after proper installation.

  • Existing surface: You can coat existing surfaces with acid staining.

  • Aesthetics: Acid stained concrete floors are smooth and gorgeous, with a unique appearance that other staining methods cannot match.

  • Finishing varieties: You can finish acid staining in a variety of ways, from polished looks to more quarried or textured feels.

  • Water resistance: Acid stained concrete floor are completely resistant to water – moisture can pass through, but will have no impact.

Common Applications

  • Garage floors

  • Office buildings

  • Patio areas

  • Home and restaurant interiors

  • Retail businesses

  • Various showrooms, such as for vehicles

Acid staining is used for a wide variety of purposes and building types. In some cases it is primarily for aesthetic purposes, while in others its physical properties are the perfect upgrade needed. Some of the areas you might find acid stained concrete in include:

For more on how acid staining your concrete might benefit you, or to learn about any of our garage or basement floor covering solutions, contact the pros at Summit Coatings today.

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